Ti’s story: Forever changed!

Let me present to you one of our new friends, Ti from Vietnam! Ti came to Kokkola in September 2015 and this is how she answers the question: What has God done for you?

“How has God changed my life? Well, literally everything, from inside out!!! I want to yell it out loud so that everybody can hear me.


I used to have no religion, no belief in anything (or even if I did, I couldn’t really feel that my prayers were heard). Therefore, I let my life flow, like an unexpected journey, without any hope for any changes. But then God came to my life, at first slowly and anonymously (by sending his angels first to guide the way) and then he showed me his light.


I will forever remember that light. It was a bright light, hanging just right in front of my eyes, like a star. I could not get rid of it, even when I tried to close my eyes and open them again, many times. This happened to me the second time I came to church (actually, it was the second time in my entire life that I was in a church). I was really sincere every time I thought of him, and I think that’s why he came to me. After seeing the light, my life has never been the same. He has changed everything. I did not have a good family, He gave me one. I lived in silence and depression, He took me away from that place, and placed me in a new house, among new people, filled me with love and care. I was selfish, He sent me his guide, who came to teach me what is right and what is wrong. I have been changed so much that I can’t even recognize myself, my ways of thinking. I sometimes don’t even think about myself. Instead, I think about others. And most importantly, every time I feel scared or get afraid, I just simply think of him, his name and I pray. Then I feel stronger again, like I can do anything. Nothing is impossible.


In the worship service one Sunday, there was a woman asking me and my friend who of us is a Christian? She wanted to pray with us. I did not dare to say anything, and she just prayed for my friend. I observed and did not feel very good. Today, I’ve done one wonderful thing that I’m really happy and proud of: One person asked me “Are you a Christian?” and I answered “Yes, I am”.”

Ti Nguyen, Vietnam.