There is a stone for every Goliath

A few Sundays ago, in the very beginning of the summer, we collected all ”impossible” prayer-requests in one of our worship services and prayed for them. Jesus said in His Word that we can and should “speak to the mountain” – all these impossibilities around us – and command them to be cast into the sea.

A week ago my own Goliath was hit by a stone and fell to the ground. Praise God! And two days ago I spoke with a friend who said that her “impossibility” suddenly and unexpectedly has started to move and a big door, that has been closed for years, is now starting to open.

How about your challenges? Pray boldly that God will start to touch the “impossibilities”. He is your Father who loves you and wants your best. Sometimes we need to put in another prayer gear, lift the faith banner high and expect some miracles. Welcome to pray with us Wednesdays 6pm!